Company Name :- Validation Quality Systems and Staffing

Corporate office in USA (VQSStaffing)

1275 Bridle Path Drive

Lansdale, PA 19446


Contact Number :- 215-290-9013

VQSStaffing - Validated Quality Systems and Staffing

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Employee scheduling, Taxes

Head phones, computers, stationary

Outbound/inbound calls

high speed dedicated connections

Employee salaries

Network admin, cabling

Cabin & Chairs

Camera and Facilities

Tea & Coffee machine

Stationary for training

Projector for training  & Client calls

HR to run the company pay rolls

Training, procedures, policies

Utilities, maintenance, repairs

Company ID cards

Company License, inspections, legal cost

Company Benefits, incentives

Advance onetime payment for office premises

Monthly office Rent, accounting, bookkeeping

Internet & Phone payment

Monthly salaries,

From telemarketing to telesales, marketing research and even appointment setting, our goal is to turn each contact into a sale. Some of the benefits of our outbound services include customized scripting, list scrubbing and testing, multilingual/ bilingual capabilities, web-based or phone surveys, cross-selling/up-selling, warm transfer of leads to sales reps, brochure/literature,  and product fulfillment.

Lead Generation: Our customized technology appointment setting and lead generation campaigns draw from our extensive experience in lead generation for software providers in multiple industries including the broadcast industry, medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial services, education, legal and local and government.

Cold Calling: Our inbound call centers also include superior outsourced inbound customer support. While our agents are here to retain your current customer base by handling their inbound queries, you can also work on expanding your client base by designing a new marketing strategy or a new business deal for your products and services. Our Inbound Call Center also assures your company a better-satisfied customer base. Outsourced inbound call center services are vital to the growth and success of any business.

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